Jubilee Fountain turned back on

14 June 2012

Thames Water announced on 13 June 2012 that it was lifting its Temporary Use (hosepipe) Ban from 00:01 on Thursday 14 June 2012. As a result, on 14 June 2012, the Jubilee Fountain in New Palace Yard was turned back on.

Parliament switched off the fountain on Thursday 5 April when the ban came into force. Since then the fountain was only turned on once to mark the Diamond Jubilee lunch on the 6 June, using grey water (recycled water) from Portcullis House. Three tankers of Parliament’s grey water were also taken and used for the Marble Arch fountains over the Jubilee weekend.
The lifting of the ban removes the restrictions on the use of hosepipes, jet washers or similar equipment on the Parliamentary Estate.

Image: Parliamentary copyright

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