MPs debate pensions and social security

24 February 2012

Minister of State Work and Pensions, Steve Webb, moved three motions in the House of Commons on Thursday 24 February relating to benefits and pensions Orders

Pension and Social Security Orders

The House of Commons was asked to approve three draft pension and social security Orders. The three draft Orders were debated together and were agreed by MPs without a division.

The three draft Orders can be found on the website.

Watch and read the views expressed by MPs who took part in the debate and find more current parliamentary material on social security and pensions in the Topics and News sections on the Parliament website.

Delegated legislation

Delegated or secondary legislation allows the Government to make changes to a law without needing a completely new Act of Parliament.

The original Act (also known as primary legislation) would have made provisions for future delegated legislation that could alter the law to differing degrees. Statutory Instruments (SIs), often called orders or regulations, are a type of delegated legislation requiring Parliament's approval before the change to the law can be made.


A proposal for action put forward in the House of Commons for consideration, debate and decision. The debate allows MPs to voice the concerns and interests of their constituents.

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