Parliament’s ‘hidden gem’: Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin discusses the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft

18 December 2012

In the lead up to Christmas the UK Parliament Flickr Channel explores images of the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft from the Parliamentary Art Collection. Here, the Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons, discusses the Chapel’s significance.

“Wow, stunning, amazing, beautiful...” these are just some of the words echoed by those who have had the privilege to visit the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft. I have also heard it described as a ‘hidden gem’ by those who are trying to share with others what they have experienced. I am often asked about my time in Parliament. In responding, I usually say that, being in Parliament, “I feel like I am walking in a slice of history.”  Although the Chapel is highly decorative, one cannot help but feel a special ‘spiritual presence’ in that place – where prayers have been offered over many years. Every visitor to the Chapel will be able to point out something that impacted on them – the baptismal font, the angels in front of the altar, the stained glass windows or its architectural significance.

As those with responsibility do their best to preserve this simply amazing chapel, every effort is made to ensure that this gem is not hidden to become a fossil but that it is allowed to tell the story of the Christian heritage of not only the Palace of Westminster but the Christian heritage of Britain.

See the UK Parliament Flickr Channel to explore images of the Chapel from the Parliamentary Art Collection.

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