House of Lords pauses for recess

19 December 2012

The House of Lords will be on its Christmas break (recess) from Thursday 20 December until Tuesday 8 January 2013.

As the 2012-13 session continues, members of the House of Lords have been busy scrutinising several public bills and investigating government activity through committee work. Find out where the Lords stands on the latest legislation and more before it gets back to business next year.

Crime and Courts Bill

This bill aims to establish the National Crime Agency (NCA). It also examines the structure, administration, proceedings and powers of courts and tribunals and addresses issues like border control and drugs and driving.

The bill completed third reading the Lords on Tuesday 18 December and was returned to the Commons for consideration of Lords' changes after Christmas.

Catch up on the Crime and Courts Bill

Public Service Pensions Bill

The Public Service Pensions Bill will establish a framework enabling the Government to introduce new public service pension schemes. It has its second reading in the House of Lords today (Wednesday 19 December).

Find out more about the Public Service Pensions Bill

Defamation Bill

The bill proposes to reform the law of defamation to ensure a fair balance is struck between the right to freedom of expression and the protection of reputation. It will continue with day 3 of committee stage in the House of Lords on Tuesday 15 January.

Catch up on the Defamation Bill

Lords committee work

The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee F has recently published its report on the EU’s global approach to migration and mobility.

The House of Lords Communication Committee will continue to look at media convergence and its public policy impact in the new year.

The Big Care Debate

On Friday 7 December, students from schools and colleges across the UK and members of the University of the Third Age came together to take part in The Big Care Debate: ‘Who should be responsible for providing support to the vulnerable in our society?’

It was the first intergenerational debate to be held in the Lords Chamber. Photos and videos from the debate are now online.

Learn more about The Big Care Debate

Future business

The Lords gets back to business on Tuesday 8 January 2013 with the following:

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Business is provisional and subject to change.

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