Parliament’s Education Service launches MyUK

08 September 2011

Parliament’s Education Service has launched MyUK a free online learning activity that encourages young people to take charge of a fictional Britain, as they appoint friends as Cabinet Ministers, and make decisions on the laws which shape their country.

MyUK gives players a five-year term to lead their government as they decide which laws to pass on issues such as transport and the environment. Facebook and Twitter plug-ins allow players to recruit their friends to the Cabinet, broadcast news of the laws they’ve passed, and view their friends’ versions of the UK.

The learning activity links to Parliament's education website where complementary resources support young people to learn more about lawmaking in the real world, including explanations of the detailed stages that a Bill must pass through to become law.

MyUK's playful approach to politics invites players to decide on proposals such the National Sing-along Bill, which seeks to raise community spirits by funding massive UK-wide sing-songs. As they progress, players unlock opportunities to customise their country, giving them the chance to design a national monument, re-imagine the Union Flag and re-locate Parliament.

The activity has been designed to support the teaching of political literacy, particularly for 13-15 year olds. Supporting notes, resources and worksheets are available for teachers to use MyUK to help students explore how laws are made and gain an awareness of the background and issues involved.

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