Death of the Earl of Onslow announced

18 May 2011

The death of the Earl of Onslow has been announced. The Conservative hereditary Peer died on 14 May 2011

Lord Onslow, a Member of the Lords for 40 years, entered the House in 1971 on the death of his father, a former Conservative Chief Whip.

He served on a number of select committees, including Animals in Scientific Procedures (2001-02); Works of Art (2005-08); Human Rights Join Committee (2007-10). Most recently he was chairman of the Communications Committee.

A regular participant in debates in the Lords, Lord Onslow’s recent contributions included the Fixed Term Parliaments and Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bills, and a question for short debate on drug use and possession.

Described as ‘vivid’ and ‘colourful’ man who ‘cared passionately about Parliament’, he also had many interests outside of the politics.

Lord Onslow was elected as a hereditary Peer in 1999 following the reforms of the House of Lords.

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