Commons debate review of the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009

13 May 2011

Adam Afriyie, Conservative MP for Windsor, moved a Backbench Business debate on Thursday 12 May 2011 on a review of the operation of the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009

The Parliamentary Standards Act 2009 establised The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA).

Adam Afriyie tabled a motion which gave an instruction to the Committee on Members' Allowances that it review of the operation of the Act, with special attention paid to the following areas:

(a) value for money for taxpayers;
(b) accountability;
(c) public confidence in Parliament;
(d) the ability of Members to fulfil their duties effectively;
(e) fairness for less well-off Members and those with families; and
(f) that Members are not deterred from submitting legitimate claims.

Watch and read the views expressed by MPs during the debate on Parliament TV or in Commons Hansard.

Find related material on the IPSA website and watch a previous debate, also moved by Adam Afriyie, on this issue.


Debates are an opportunity for MPs to discuss government policy, proposed new laws and current issues. It allows MPs to voice the concerns and interests of their constituents.

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