Lords debates the Leader’s Group report on the working practices of the House of Lords

28 June 2011

Members of the Lords discussed the recommendations of a report from the Leader’s Group on the Working Practices of the House of Lords on Monday 27 June.

Lord Strathclyde, the Leader of the House of Lords, opened the debate.

Other Members of the Lords who took part in the debate included (use the links to watch/listen to the contributions):

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon responded to the report and the debate on behalf of the Opposition.

Recommendations in the report, published on 26 April, include changes to enable the Lords to better fulfil its core functions of scrutinising government, reviewing legislation, and debating important issues.

The report also suggests ways in which the House of Lords could make the most of its unique strengths and resources, including its Members’ skills and experience.

Further information

The Group was established by the Leader of the House of Lords on 27 July 2010 to consider the working practices of the House and the operation of self-regulation; and to make recommendations.

The Group received submissions from Members of the House of Lords, staff of the House, as well as outside organisations.

A list of the six candidates standing for election as Speaker of the House of Lords was published on Monday 27 June.

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