Second reading debates on three Private Members’ Bills

04 July 2011

Three Private Members’ Bills completed their second reading – a general debate on all aspects of a Bill – in the House of Lords on Friday 1 July. They are the Devolution (Time) Bill, the Remembrance Sunday Bill and the Parliament Square (Management) Bill

Dates for committee stage of the respective Bills – line by line examination – are yet to be scheduled.

Devolution (Time) Bill

The Devolution (Time) Bill makes provision for the devolution of timescales, time zones and the subject-matter of the Summer Time Act 1972. First reading of the Bill took place on 15 December.

Remembrance Sunday (Closure of Shops) Bill

This Bill provides for the extension of Christmas Day restrictions on the opening of retail premises to Remembrance Sunday.

Parliament Square (Management) Bill

The Parliament Square (Management) Bill makes provision for the management of Parliament Square. First reading of the Bill took place on 1 February.

Further information

Members of the Lords who are not government ministers can introduce Private Members’ Bills. Like Public Bills their purpose is to change the law as it applies to the general population. Most Private Members’ Bills do not become Acts of Parliament; however, by creating publicity around an issue, some Private Members’ Bills can indirectly affect legislation.

Second reading is the first opportunity for Members of the Lords to debate the main principles and purpose of the Bill and to flag up concerns and areas where they think changes (amendments) are needed.

Image: Press Association

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