Lords responds to statement on public confidence in the media and the police

20 July 2011

Lord Strathclyde repeated a Government statement on public confidence in the media and the police in the House of Lords this afternoon (Wednesday 20 July)

Issues raised included:

  • the need for 'clean water between politics and the press'
  • consultation with select committees on the terms of reference of Justice Levinson's inquiry
  • police leadership
  • the timescale for the part of the inquiry that will investigated by the Police Complaints Commission

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon responded for the Opposition.

Lord Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minster; Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner; Lord Fowler, former chair of the Lords Communications Committee and Lord Inglewood, its current chair, were among the Members of the Lords who asked questions. 

The Government announced that a judicial inquiry, conducted by Lord Levinson, would investigate the ‘wrongdoing of the press and police’ and the ‘culture, practices, and ethics of the press’ last week.

Further information

The House of Lords responded to the Government on the Metropolitan Police Service on Monday 18 July.


Government ministers and spokespersons make statements in the Lords chamber, announcing important policy initiatives, reports on national and international issues and government actions.

There is a limited time for immediate questioning of the minister or spokesperson, allowing Members another opportunity to raise concerns and seek further information on government decisions.

Image: Press Association

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