Public Bodies Bill committee stage continues in Lords

12 January 2011

The sixth day of the committee stage – line by line examination – of the Public Bodies Bill took place in the House of Lords on Tuesday 11 January

Scrutiny of Schedule 1, which lists the bodies and offices that may face being abolished should the Bill become law, continued. Members of the Lords debated proposals to amend Schedule 1 to exclude the following from the list:

Amendment 31: Courts boards 
Amendment 33: Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board
Amendment 36A: Food Standards Agency
Amendment 37: Football Licensing Authority
Amendment 39: Inland Waterways Advisory Council
Amendment 41: Library Advisory Council for England
Amendment 43: National Consumer Council ("Consumer Focus")

The Members supporting these amendments sought explanation from the Government frontbench in the House of Lords on its plans for these bodies and proposals for what might replace these bodies.

None of the amendments were agreed. The bodies remain on Schedule 1 of the Bill.  

Proposals for amendments to a Bill are published in a marshalled list of amendments one day before the Bill stage takes place.

Further information

The Public Bodies Bill grants new powers to allow Ministers to abolish, merge or transfer functions of public bodies.

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