London groups meet Speaker Bercow to learn about Parliament

19 January 2011

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, will take part in three events on Thursday 20 January, meeting members of the public from all walks of life with a view to encourage and increase engagement with Parliament

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During the visit the Speaker will speak to, and take questions from:

  • people involved with the Community Voices programme, which enables people from disadvantaged communities to find their voice using digital media. This programme is run by the Media Trust, a charity that helps people and charities to get their voices heard through the media
  • a group of young people, teachers and lecturers from Young Enterprise London, a charity that works to develop business skills, financial literacy and entrepreneurship in young people.
  • people working with the Asian Health Association, an independent sector agency that provides support services to black and minority ethnic communities through day care, sport-based projects and education programmes.

Commenting on the visit Speaker Bercow said:

"In my role as Speaker, I want to encourage people from all backgrounds, and all parts of the UK, to engage with the work of Parliament.

"Despite the fact that the Westminster village is in the heart of the capital, many Londoners often feel that Parliament is remote from their lives. I am determined, however, to reinforce the message that the House of Commons is a vibrant and exciting place that is relevant to all the people of the UK.

"I hope to demonstrate the importance of engaging with the work Parliament does, and I am very keen to hear what those attending think the House of Commons ought to do to make itself more accessible and relevant."

Related information

The Houses of Parliament's Outreach Service spreads awareness of the work, processes and relevance of the institution of Parliament, encouraging greater engagement between the public and the House of Commons and House of Lords.

The work of the Outreach Service includes:

  • delivering free training explaining the work of Parliament
  • promoting engagement with Select Committee inquiries
  • showing how the public can get involved with legislative scrutiny
  • demonstrating Parliament's relevance to each part of the UK

Regional officers are available to give further information and advice on how individuals and organisations can get involved with the Houses of Parliament’s Outreach Service in their local area.

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