Energy Bill committee stage: day two

20 January 2011

The Energy Bill continued its committee stage – detailed line by line examination – in the House of Lords on Wednesday 19 January.

Members of the Lords discussed amendments covering clauses 4 to 7, 12, 14, 16, 28, 30 and 31 of the Bill.

Committee stage continues on Monday 24 January when further amendments will be discussed.

Committee stage: day one

Members of the Lords discussed amendments concerning the purpose of the Bill and to Clause 2: Green deal plans and Clause 3: Framework regulations.

Further information

Among the aims of the Bill are to make provision for the arrangement and financing of energy efficiency improvements to properties by owners-occupiers, and in the private rented sector; the promotion by energy companies of reductions in carbon emissions and home-heating costs; and increasing the security of energy supplies.

The committee stage of a Bill involves the detailed line-by-line examination of the separate parts – clauses and schedules. Any Member of the Lords can take part.

Committee stage can last for one or two days to eight or more. It usually starts no fewer than two weeks after the second reading.

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