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12 April 2011

Health and reforming health services has been debated on several occasions in Parliament recently. Find all the latest information on the Health and Social Care Bill and other parliamentary material

Health and Social Care Bill

The Government's Health and Social Care Bill was introduced into the House of Commons on 19 January 2011. The Bill proposes to create an independent NHS Board, increase GP's powers to commission services on behalf of their patients, and to reduce NHS administration costs.

The Bill had its second reading on 31 January and was then considered by a Public Bill Committee. On 4 April 2011, the Health Secretary announced in a statement to the House of Commons that there would be a break in the passage of the Bill for further consultation.

It is expected that the Bill will be amended when the House of Commons considers the Bill at report stage.

Keep up to date with all the proceedings and documents on the Health and Social Care Bill. Also find out how a Bill becomes an Act of Parliament.

House of Commons Library analysis

The House of Commons Library regularly produce briefing papers which inform MPs about key issues. The Library has produced two Research Papers on the Health and Social Care Bill.

Debates on health in the House of Commons

There have been a number of recent debates held in the Commons Chamber and in Westminster Hall on the subject of health and the NHS.

Debate on health in the House of Lords

The House of Lords held a general debate on the government's policy on patient-led health care on 28 October 2010.

Commons Health Select Committee

The Commons Health Committee conducted an inquiry into NHS commissioning with a report published on 18 January 2011. The Government has published its response to the committee's report.

The Health Committee set out a number of issues connected to commissioning in its first report on which it intended to undertake further work, a follow up inquiry was held and a second report published on 5 April 2011.

Lords Committee on HIV and Aids in the UK

The House of Lords established a committee in December 2010 to consider HIV and AIDS in the United Kingdom. It is to report by the summer recess on 20 July 2011.

Early Day Motions

Early day motions (EDMs) are tabled by MPs to publicise a particular event or cause, and to gather support among MPs for that event or cause. MPs demonstrate their support for an EDM by signing the motion. Browse the latest EDMs on health services.

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