The future of the Lords: students decide

The Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman. © Parliamentary copyright
06 December 2010

The Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman, will chair a debate in the Lords chamber on the future of the House of Lords, the difference this time, is that it will be a chamber full of young people.

The 16 to 18 year olds – around 200 of them – will be exploring Lords reform in this year’s House of Lords annual debate for young people in the Lords chamber ‘Elect, Select or Reject: the Future of the House of Lords’. Four teams of students, assisted in preparing the arguments by mentor Members of the Lords and social enterprise Debate Mate, will present the options for Lords reform: fully elected; fully appointed; hybrid; or abolition.

The four core teams will move the reform options from the despatch boxes in the Lords chamber. The speaking time for comments from other students will be limited. After the debate, the students will vote on the reform options. Baroness Hayman will oversee proceedings from the woolsack and will announce the results of their vote.

At an event in preparation for the debate, the students sought Baroness Hayman’s advice. Whatever the reform option they should consider how well the House of Lords does its job, how Members can change and improve the way they do their jobs and how best to manage the period between now and any future change in developing their arguments, Baroness Hayman advised.

This Friday the students will have the opportunity to experience parliamentary politics as they debate an issue that Members of the Lords have themselves been discussing for quite some time.

The debate takes place at 3pm on Friday 10 December.

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BBC Parliament is screening ‘Elect, Select or Reject: the Future of the House of Lords’ on Friday 17 December 4pm and it will be available to watch on iPlayer.

Image: The Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman. Parliamentary copyright

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