New Acts of Parliament

22 December 2010

The Consolidated Fund, Identity Documents and Loans to Ireland received Royal Assent in the House of Lords on 21 December.

The Consolidated Fund Act provides Parliamentary authority for funds requested by the Government. The Identity Documents Act abolishes identity cards and the National Identity Register; it repeals the Identity Cards Act 2006. The Loans to Ireland Bill authorises the Treasury to loan up to £3.25bn to Ireland.

Further information

Royal Assent is usually notified to each House separately and, once given Royal Assent, the Bills become Acts of Parliament.

The legislation within the Bill may commence immediately, after a set period or only after a commencement order by a Government minister.

A commencement order is designed to bring into force the whole or part of an Act of Parliament at a date later than the date of the Royal Assent.

If there is no commencement order, the Act will come into force from midnight at the start of the day of the Royal Assent.

The practical implementation of an Act is the responsibility of the appropriate government department, not Parliament.

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