What the Lords is for examined in reform debate

12 October 2010

Members examined the role of the second chamber on Monday 11 October in a debate on their view of its purpose in the context of House of Lords reform.

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath introduced the debate. Lord Taylor of Holbeach responded for the Government.

Topics under discussion included:

  • the number of Members in the governing coalition parties compared to opposition Members 
  • the danger of creation of a Chamber that would undermine the authority of the House of Commons
  • whether the Lords is doing enough to cover all areas on public policy and improve the Chamber's performance
  • whether changes to the House of Lords should take place without the powers of the second chamber being clearly stated
  • whether an elected House of Lords would automatically undermine the power of the House of Commons 
  • the value of the range of expertise and experience of members of the House of Lords as the House is currently composed
  • the case for reform and the value of a written constitution in the context this debate.

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