MPs elect Deputy Speakers

The three new Deputy Speakers meet in Speaker’s House following their election. Left to right: Lindsay Hoyle MP, Dawn Primarolo MP and Nigel Evans MP.
08 June 2010

The results of the Deputy Speaker elections have been announced in the Commons Chamber by the Speaker.

The following candidates have been elected Deputy Speakers:

A total of a total of 515 valid votes were cast. There were 5 invalid ballot papers.

The ballot used the Single Transferable Vote system. The new rules require that at least one man and at least one woman must be elected across all four posts of Speaker and Deputy Speakers.

Breakdown of results

The breakdown of election results shows details of the votes cast for each candidate at each stage of the count.

The left hand column lists all 9 candidates, the side of the House they come from, and their gender. The next column shows the number of first-preference votes for each candidate. Subsequent columns (which are numbered) show the number of votes for each candidate after each transfer of votes from excluded candidates.

Further information

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