MPs agree to establish a Backbench Business Committee

16 June 2010

The Commons has agreed to establish a Backbench Business Select Committee. MPs debated Commons reform based on the recent report, 'Rebuilding the House', published in the previous Parliament and produced by the Reform of the House of Commons Select Committee, chaired by the former MP, Dr Tony Wright

Backbench Business Committee

What powers will the Committee have?

The Committee will have the ability to schedule business in the Commons Chamber and in Westminster Hall on days, or parts of days, set aside for non-government business. 

Will the Committee chair be elected?

Yes, the chair of the Committee will be elected. The ballot for electing the committee chair will take place on Tuesday 22 June between 9am and 11am. The ballot will be counted under the Alternative Vote system.

Will the other members of the Committee be elected?

Yes, the remaining seven members of the Committee will be elected.  The ballot for electing members to the committee will take place on Tuesday 29 June between 10am and midday. The ballot will be counted under the Single Transferable Vote system.

Further information

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