Academies Bill committee stage: day three

29 June 2010

On Monday 28 June the Academies Bill reached its third day of committee stage – the detailed examination of a Bill. Members of the Lords continued to discuss amendments to clause one, Academy arrangements

Topics debated by Members included:

  • personal, social and health education, including citizenship and sex education
  • inspection and support arrangements for academy schools, including training for governors

The report stage, which provides a further opportunity to amend the Bill, takes place on Tuesday 6 July.

Day two of the committee stage of the Academies Bill

Proposals for amendments to clause 1, Academy arrangements were also discussed on the second day of the committee stage.

Issues raised included:

  • funding for academies
  • arrangements for any surpluses and deficits generated by academy schools
  • admissions policy for faith-based academy schools
  • differentiation of the status of academy schools in relation to local authority-maintained schools and independent schools
  • provision for pupils with special educational needs
  • ensuring consistency across the education system by requiring universal entitlements to pupils at academy schools.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education, Lord Hill of Oareford, responded on behalf of the Government.

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