Election photographer wants your photos

05 May 2010

Simon Roberts, the official election artist, is touring the UK to document campaign activity during the 2010 general election

As part of the project Simon is also asking the public to get involved by sending in photographs about political activity in their local area during the campaign.

Their photographs are being published on an online gallery, and some will be chosen for the official exhibition, alongside Simon’s work, in the House of Commons after the election.

Simon commented:

"We already have a large number of illuminating, intriguing and humorous images being uploaded to the election project web site.

"I hope that by using photographs taken by the public, on digital cameras or mobile phones, I can create an alternative photographic vision alongside my own, captured via the more traditional means of my plate camera.

"I am today appealing to the public to please keep sending their images in! By documenting local political experiences, you will be contributing to an archive of photographs that capture the complexity of Britain’s political landscape in 2010."

Simon’s project will centre on the relationship between the politicians canvassing and the voting public with images from battle-buses and village greens to polling stations and shopping centres.

There have been two previous election commissions: Jonathan Yeo’s Proportional representation, a series of three portraits of the party leaders painted for the 2001 General Election; and David Godbold's Forward not backward, a series of 18 drawings made for the 2005 General Election.

Works of Art Committee Chairman, Hugo Swire, commented:

"Since the days of Hogarth, elections have provided artists with a rich source of inspiration. This is the first time we have commissioned a photographer to follow the election and we are therefore very excited about what Simon Roberts is going to produce.

"Getting the public involved in the project also emphasises the democratic process Simon is documenting."

Image: PA/John Giles

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