Four Bills undergo scrutiny stages in the Lords

08 April 2010

On Wednesday 7 April, the House of Lords completed the committee, report and third reading stages for four Bills

The House of Lords examined:

  • the Crime and Security Bill
  • the Energy Bill
  • the Children, Schools and Families Bill
  • the Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill.

The Bills, including amendments made by the Lords, were returned to the House of Commons on 8 April. Each Bill may move back and forth, in 'ping-pong', as amendments are considered by both Houses.

Crime and Security Bill

The Crime and Security Bill addresses a variety of crime and security issues, including DNA retention, antisocial behaviour, and controls on possession of mobile phones in prison and air weapons by minors.

Energy Bill

The Energy Bill provides legislative authority for some of the measures proposed by the Government's low carbon transition plan, published in July 2009, regarding carbon reduction, security of supply, economic opportunities and protection of vulnerable users.

Children, Schools and Families Bill

The Children, Schools and Families Bill provides a range of guarantees relating to schools and the services that pupils and parents can expect. It also includes changes to the curriculum, licensing of teachers and reporting of family justice cases.

Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill

The Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill is relates to democratic and parliamentary process across various bodies and policy areas, including the public service and the House of Lords.

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