Results of investigations on Lords’ Interests and Clerk of the Parliaments

31 March 2010

The House of Lords Committee for Privileges has today published its report on the conduct of Lord Clarke of Hampstead.

The report has been tabled for approval by the House of Lords on Tuesday 6 April.

Lords’ expenses: investigations by the Clerk of the Parliaments

The Clerk of the Parliaments, in his role as Accounting Officer for the House of Lords, has undertaken a series of investigations into the expenses claims of Members of the Lords following written complaints.

He is publishing today the results of his investigations into four Members.

Members of the Lords covered in the Clerk of the Parliaments' investigations

  • Lord Bhatia
  • Viscount Falkland
  • Baroness Goudie
  • Lord Sheldon

Investigations: results

Investigations: process

In the course of his investigations, the Clerk of the Parliaments has examined the expenses claim forms of each Member subject to complaint from the date from which the House of Lords’ Administration retain them (April 2006) to the start of the summer recess in 2009 (July 2009).

Those forms show when the Member claimed overnight subsistence and reimbursement of travel costs from and to the main residence. In addition, the Clerk of the Parliaments has corresponded with Members to obtain answers in writing to certain standard questions about their circumstances.

Media enquiries

For press and media enquiries, please contact the House of Lords Press Office on 020 7219 8550.

Further information

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