New rules for MPs’ expenses published

29 March 2010

The new rules governing MPs’ expenses are published today by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA)

Speaker John Bercow said:

"I congratulate the IPSA board for devising a new scheme in advance of the general election. What is proposed is a massive advance on the old discredited allowances arrangement and I am pleased to see that in many respects what is set out goes well beyond that which Sir Christopher Kelly and his colleagues recommended.

"The swift end to state-sponsored second homes and the overall reduction in total costs which this reformed system entails are very welcome. It was my publicly stated view before IPSA started its work that a complete ban on family members working for MPs, while involving some rough justice for hard-working spouses, would be preferable and that remains my personal opinion.

"IPSA is, however, independent and it must be allowed the chance to implement the system upon which it has settled in the next Parliament."

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