Welsh Affairs Committee publishes School Governance report

09 February 2010

The Welsh Assembly Government has made a convincing case that transferring school governance powers to the National Assembly for Wales is important in improving education in Wales, says the Welsh Affairs Committee in a report published today

The Committee approves the request from the Assembly Government which would extend education powers with the aim of strengthening the role of school governors.

Most sectors supported the transfer request, but the Committee noted some concerns about consequences of new legislation and recommends that the Assembly Government consults fully on new laws and ensures functions are clearly defined.

The Committee urges the Assembly Government to reconsider its approach to the language used in drafting provisions which has given rise to confusion, in particular whether 'governance' includes staffing and pay matters.

It also asks the Assembly Government to consider the validity of transferring all remaining powers in the area of education, with the clear exceptions of pay and conditions which it says should not become fragmented.

The Chairman of the Committee, Dr Hywel Francis MP, said:

"Our report highlights a number of specific issues for review and consideration by the Assembly Government, but we recommend approval of this Order which is consistent with policy aims and is underpinned by a drive to improve education in Wales."

Image: PA

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