STEM subjects inquiry focuses on maths and engineering

10 February 2010

The Children, Schools and Families Committee, which is examining the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, holds an evidence session at 9.30am that focuses on the teaching of maths and engineering.



  • Professor Margaret Brown, Professor of Mathematics Education, King’s College London
  • Dr Tony Gardiner, Reader in Mathematics and Mathematics Education, University of Birmingham
  • Jane Imrie, Deputy Director, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics


  • Professor Matthew Harrison, Director, Education Programmes, Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Paul Jackson, Chief Executive, Engineering UK
  • Chris Kirby, Head of Education, Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Professor Peter Kutnick, Professor of Psychology and Education, King’s College London

The purpose of the session is to examine:

  • the recruitment and development of mathematics teacher
  • the mathematics curriculum and related initiatives
  • the place of engineering in schools
  • the development of initial teacher training in relation to engineering
  • engaging young people in engineering and careers in engineering

The Committee's STEM inquiry focused on the teaching of science in the previous session on 3 February.

Image: iStockphoto

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