Out-of-hours GP services: Commons statement

10 February 2010

Mike O'Brien, Health Minister, made a statement to the Commons about GP out-of-hours cover and the recently published report which considered the commissioning and performance management of out-of-hours services, the selection, induction, training and use of out-of-hours clinicians

The recent report commissioned by the Department of Health (DoH) made a number of recommendations - all of which have been accepted in full - including:

  • that primary care trusts (PCTs) review the performance management arrangements that they have in place for their out-of-hours services, to ensure that they are robust and fit for purpose
  • that the DoH issue guidance to PCTs to help them decide whether a doctor has the necessary level of English to be added to their medical performers list
  • that the DoH develop and introduce an improvement programme for PCTs to support the commissioning and performance management of out-of-hours services
  • that out-of-hours providers consider their recruitment and selection processes for clinical staff to ensure that they are robust and follow best practice
  • that strategic health authorities monitor the actions taken by PCTs in response to the report and in carrying out appropriate performance management of out-of-hours providers

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