MPs debate reform of the Commons

23 February 2010

MPs debated Commons reform based on the recent report, 'Rebuilding the House', produced by the Reform of the House of Commons Select Committee, chaired by Dr Tony Wright MP.

The report proposed reforms in three major areas:

Select committees

  • chairs of select committees be elected by secret ballot of the whole House
  • committee members be elected by secret ballot from within party groups

Business of the House

  • setting up a Backbench Business Committee, responsible for all business which is not strictly Ministerial
  • setting up a cross-party Government Business Committee to schedule government business

Public involvement

  • introducing an e-petitions system with the presentation of petitions to be given greater significance in the House's proceedings
  • identifying a monthly backbench Motion suitable for debate
  • developing some form of initiative which might enable the public to ensure that a given issue is debated in the House

Image: PA

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