East of England round-up: 10 February 2010

10 February 2010

Parliamentary business relating to the East of England region from 1 February to 10 February.

Written questions

Written questions can be used by MPs or Lords to hold the Government to account, requesting information such as policy detail or statistics.

Oral questions

Oral questions provide an opportunity for MPs and Lords to ask Government ministers questions on the floor of each House. These questions are asked at the start of the day's business in both chambers.

Adjournment debates

Adjournment debates are a way of having a general debate in the House of Commons without requiring the House to vote. The MP who tabled the subject of the debate will speak first and a Government minister will reply.

Public petitions

Public petitions involve sending a written appeal to an MP, following a set format, which is then presented to the House of Commons by that MP. They can be used to raise awareness of an issue and to request action.

East of England Select Committee

The East of England Select Committee examines regional strategies and the work of regional bodies.

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