Podcast: 24-hour media and Parliament

19 January 2010

Listen to Lord Soley turn the tables on Nick Robinson, the BBC's political correspondent, in our new podcast exploring the impact of 24-hour media on politics, parliamentarians and the public's perception of Parliament.

Hear Nick Robinson's views on the media's influence and points on issues including:

  • Is 24-hour news good for politics?
  • Are we excluding the public from political debate?
  • Does negative news put people off politics?
  • Are important political and policy changes missed due to an obsession with a given day's ‘top story’?
  • How do you find out about issues affecting you, and how can politicians and the media ensure people feel engaged with and able to influence Parliament and the political process?

Tell us what you think

  • Have your say on the podcast: comment on Lord Soley's post on Lords of the Blog (external link)

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