Lords Private Notice Question: Foreign and Commonwealth Office budget

22 January 2010

On 21 January, an urgent question - known as a private notice question - on the Government's answer to an oral question on 20 January concerning the budget of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and counter-terrorism programmes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, was asked in the House of Lords by Lord Wallace of Saltaire.

"To ask Her Majesty's Government whether Baroness Kinnock’s admission of cuts in the FCO budget for counter-terrorism, counter-radicalisation and counternarcotics programmes in Pakistan and Afghanistan is compatible with the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday that ‘The action we are taking to counter terrorism at its source in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region and elsewhere is a central part of our counter-terrorism strategy'."

Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead responded on behalf of the Government.

Private Notice Questions allow Members of the Lords to ask an urgent question in the House of Lords Chamber. Proceedings are limited to 10 minutes so contributions are expected to be short.

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