London round-up: 8 January 2010

08 January 2010

Parliamentary business relating to London for the week ending 8 January 2010.

Written questions

In addition to oral questions, MPs and Peers can ask government ministers questions for written answer. These are often used to obtain detailed information about policies and statistics on the activities of government departments.

Oral questions

Question Time in the Commons takes place for an hour Monday to Thursday after prayers. Each government department answers questions according to a rota called the Order of Oral Questions. The questions asked must relate to the responsibilities of the government department concerned.

Oral questions in the Lords take place at the beginning of the day's business for up to 30 minutes on Mondays to Thursdays. Lords questions are to the Government as a whole, not to particular government departments (as they are in the Commons).

London Regional Select Committee

The remit of the London Regional Select Committee is to examine the Government's regional policies for London and the Government's relationship with the Greater London Authority and regional bodies

Transport Committee

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