Committee scrutinises how healthcare is commissioned

14 January 2010

The Health Committee will hold its second evidence session into 'Commissioning'. Watch live from 10.00 am


10.00 am

  • Professor Andrew Street, Professor of Health Economics, University of York
  • Dr Peter Brambleby, Director of Public Health, NHS North Yorkshire and York

11.15 am

  • Professor Rod Griffiths, Chair, National Specialised Commissioning Group
  • John Murray, Specialised Healthcare Alliance
  • Deborah Evans, Chief Executive, NHS Bristol
  • Teresa Moss, Director, National Specialised Commissioning Team

The session is exploring two aspects of commissioning: 'Payment by Results', which is a way of paying hospitals a fixed price for each individual case treated, and 'Specialised Commissioning' which ensures that the needs of those with less common conditions are met effectively.

The Committee is asking witnesses about the impact and any unintended consequences of 'Payment by Results' on the NHS and commissioning, and in relation to 'Specialised Commissioning', will explore any weaknesses in the management and delivery of this complex area.

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