Alex Salmond appears before Scottish Affairs Committee

12 January 2010

The Scottish Affairs Committee hears evidence from First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, at 10.30am as part of its 'Scotland and the UK: cooperation and communication between governments' inquiry.



  • Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP MP, First Minister
  • Sir John Elvidge KCB, Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Executive


  • Kenny MacAskill MSP, Justice Secretary of Scotland
  • Robert Gordon, Director General, Justice and Communities

This inquiry is examining the arrangements in place for communication between the UK Government and the Scottish Executive when the UK Government formulates international policy which will specifically affect Scottish interests and devolved matters, with specific reference to the negotiation of the Prisoner Transfer Agreement between Libya and the UK and the case of Mr Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

The Committee will be looking at:

  • Whether there are effective channels of communication between the UK Government and Scottish Executive to ensure that each is informed and can comment on decisions and policy of both administrations that affects the other;
  • In particular, whether there are satisfactory arrangements in place between the UK Government and Scottish Executive to assess effectively the impact of UK foreign policy on Scottish interests and vice versa;
  • How these arrangements functioned during the negotiations with Libya including the Prisoner Transfer Agreement (PTA) and the consideration by the Scottish Executive of the PTA application from Libya;
  • This inquiry will also include examination of the co-ordination between the UK Government and Scottish Executive in representing Scotland’s interests to the EU as well as Scotland’s interface with individual EU institutions. This was previously a separate inquiry which will now be included into the new inquiry;
  • How could the Joint Ministerial Committee be better used to improved the working relationships between the UK Government and Scottish Executive; and
  • How will the revised Memorandum of Understanding and concordats between the UK Government and Scottish Executive improve matters.

Image: Neil Hanna/The Scotsman/PA

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