Scotland banking inquiry hears evidence from Lloyds

09 December 2009

The Scottish Affairs Committee, which is holding an inquiry into banking in Scotland, hears evidence from Archie Kane of the Lloyds Banking Group. Watch live from 2.30pm.


  • Archie Kane, Group Executive Director, Insurance, Lloyds Banking Group

The Committee has already held two evidence sessions. It heard from unions, Scottish Financial Enterprise, HBOS/Lloyds and RBS on the practical and competition implications of the merger between Lloyds Banking Group and HBOS, the operation of banks in Scotland following recent developments in the UK banking sector, and the provision of banking services to the public in the current economic climate.

In the light of the evidence received, it decided to extend its inquiry to focus on the following areas:

  • the effect of the banking crisis on jobs, banking services to the public and small business lending in Scotland
  • the effect of the failure of Scottish banks and building societies on the international reputation of Scotland’s banking sector
  • the effectiveness of measures put in place by the UK Government to tackle the impact of the banking crisis and to aid recovery in Scotland.


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