Science research funding inquiry continues

09 December 2009

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence at 10.40am as part of its inquiry into setting science research funding priorities.

Giving evidence at 10.40am will be:

  • Professor Sandy Thomas, Head of Foresight
  • Professor Chris Gaskell, Chair, Science Advisory Council, Defra

Giving evidence at 11.40am will be:

  • Nick Dusic, Director, Campaign for Science and Engineering
  • Professor Geoffrey Boulton, General Secretary, Royal Society of Edinburgh

The Committee's inquiry is investigating:

  • how decisions are made to fund research to meet societal needs;
  • the balance of funding for targeted versus unsolicited response-mode curiosity-driven research; and
  • how research is commissioned in Government departments and agencies.

Image: iStockphoto

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