Prime Minister’s statement on Afghanistan and Pakistan

01 December 2009

Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, made a statement to the Commons about sending more British troops to Afghanistan and the progress made by Pakistan in taking on al-Qaeda in Waziristan


Mr Brown said that over the months ahead the international community must:

  • intensify its support for Pakistan authorities
  • improve cooperation with the country
  • press ahead with development programme
  • encourage development of schools to counter propaganda of the madrassahs


Mr Brown proposed:

  • stronger international civilian leadership
  • transfer of lead security responsibilities to the Afghans - district by district, province by province

This process will depend on the Afghans being ready to take responsibility and control:

  • through more trained Afghan troops
  • through better policing
  • through effective local and national Government
  • by giving Afghans a stronger stake in their economic future

British troop deployment

Mr Brown had said in his statement on 14 October that troop reinforcements in Afghanistan were subject to three conditions, all of which had now been met:

  • that the Afghan government demonstrate its commitment to bring forward the Afghan troops to be trained and to fight alongside our forces
  • that the troops must be fully equipped for the operations that they are asked to undertake
  • that the commitment be part of an agreed approach across the international coalition, with all countries bearing their fair share

Image: PA

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