Committee inquiries into cocaine trade and terrorist attacks continue

08 December 2009

The Home Affairs Committee takes evidence from 10.30am for two of its inquiries, with Sir Ian Blair, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, and Keith Hellawell, former Government Drugs Adviser, among the witnesses appearing before the Committee

  • Video and Audio: Home Affairs Committee evidence session
  • Home Affairs Committee
  • The first session is part of the Committee's inquiry into the Home Office's response to terrorist attacks. MPs will hear from Andy Hayman who ran specialist operations at the Metropolitan Police, and from Sir Ian.

    The second session is part of the cocaine trade inquiry where, in addition to Mr Hellawell, the Committee will take evidence from Home Office Minister Alan Campbell.

    Home Office response to terrorist attacks


    • Andy Hayman, former Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations, Metropolitan Police


    • Sir Ian Blair, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner

    Cocaine Trade


    • Keith Hellawell, Government Drugs Adviser 1998-2002

    12 midday

    • Alan Campbell MP, Minister of State, Home Office

    Keith Vaz MP, Chairman of the Committee, said of the cocaine trade inquiry:

    "We are pleased to welcome the Minister in the final session of our major inquiry into the cocaine trade, and look forward to discussing what action the Government is taking to combat this destructive trade at various levels.

    "We will seek to understand the scale of the cocaine problem in the UK and to investigate the mechanisms in place for combating it, including the role of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

    "Keith Hellawell is well placed, as the Government's former drugs tsar, to inform the Committee of the state of drugs policy in the UK when he was in post and how he believes the situation has evolved since his departure."

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