Treasury Committee continues financial regulation inquiries

03 November 2009

The Treasury Committee hears evidence over two days - Tuesday and Wednesday, 3 and 4 November - from a number of expert witnesses on two of its current inquiries

  • Scrutiny of financial regulation in the light of the banking crisis
  • Proposals for European prudential financial regulation

Scrutiny of financial regulation

Sir David Walker, author of the Walker Report, which contained proposals for the reform of the corporate governance of UK banks and other financial institutions, gives evidence at 9.30am on Tuesday 3 November.

Tomorrow afternoon - Wednesday 4 November at 2.30pm - UK Financial Investments Ltd (UKFI) will appear before the Committee. UKFI is a company wholly-owned by the Government which manages its investments in financial institutions.

European prudential financial regulation proposals

Video and audio: European prudential financial regulation proposals evidence session 3 November

The following are the witnesses for the Tuesday evidence session:


  • Dr Kern Alexander, Senior Research Fellow, CFAP, Cambridge University
  • Dr Jon Danielsson, Department of Finance, London School of Economics
  • Richard Portes CBE, Professor of Finance, London Business School


  • Stuart Popham, Senior Partner, Clifford Chance LLP
  • Simon Gleeson, Partner, Clifford Chance LLP
  • Barbara Ridpath, Chief Executive, International Centre for Financial Regulation
  • Andre Villeneuve, Chairman, City of London EU Advisory Group

On Wednesday afternoon, Lord Myners, Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury, will appear before the Committee at 3.30pm.

The European financial regulation inquiry is expected to cover the following issues:

  • the interaction between EU, national and international regulatory and supervisory arrangements
  • the composition and internal structures of the European Supervisory Authorities and the European Systemic Risk Board
  • whether the powers proposed for these bodies are appropriate
  • the proposals' effect on the competitiveness of the European financial industry in general and the City of London in particular
  • the timescale for agreeing the legislation

The evidence sessions on both days will be televised.

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