Prorogation: end of parliamentary year

13 November 2009

Both Houses of Parliament officially prorogued on 12 November and will meet again for the State Opening of Parliament on 18 November

Marking the formal end to the parliamentary year, prorogation is the period between the end of a session of Parliament and the State Opening which begins the next session.

Prorogation is marked by an announcement, on behalf of the Queen, read in the House of Lords.

As with the State Opening, the announcement is made to both Houses and the Speaker of the House of Commons and MPs attend the Lords Chamber to listen to the speech. The same announcement is then read out by Mr Speaker in the House of Commons.

Major Bills for the session

The prorogation announcement sets out the major Bills which have been passed during the session and also describes other measures which have been taken by the Government.

During the prorogation announcement on 12 November, 13 Bills became Acts of Parliament (law):

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