MPs question former Prime Minister John Major

10 November 2009

The Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) questions the former Prime Minister, Sir John Major, about ministerial and other appointments from outside Parliament. Watch from 11am.

Earlier this year Sir John called for a number of reforms to the way governments are appointed. He proposed the appointment of a "small number" of ministers of state who would not be members of either the House of Commons or the House of Lords, but would be accountable to both, and a reduction in the overall number of ministers.

The Committee’s inquiry is examining how Prime Ministers have sought to bring greater expertise into government. Issues of interest to the Committee include:

  • the constitutional and practical implications of appointing government ministers from outside the Commons
  • whether recent ministerial appointments to the House of Lords have been a success or not
  • whether such appointees are sufficiently accountable
  • the case for and against appointing advisers and "tsars"
  • the increasing size of government and the role of unpaid ministers

Image: PA

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