MPs ask questions about the 2011 census

19 November 2009

The Commons Public Administration Committee speaks to various experts on the proposed new questions which will be asked in the 2011 official census, as part of its inquiry into the preparations for that event. Watch live from 10.00 am

The witnesses are:


  • Keith Dugmore, Director, Demographics User Group
  • Professor Philip Rees, University of Leeds
  • David Darton, Director of Foresight, Equality and Human Rights Commission


  • Jil Matheson, National Statistician and Glenn Watson, Census Director, Office for National Statistics

Every ten years the nation has sets aside one day for the census - a count of all people and households. In England and Wales it is organised by the Office for National Statistics. The next census will be held on 27 March 2011.

The information the census provides means central and local government, health authorities and other organisations can target their resources more effectively and plan housing, education, health and transport services.

The 2011 census proposes seven new questions, two about the household, five about the residents.

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