Lords Committee takes evidence on research funding priorities

05 November 2009

The Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry on setting science research funding priorities continues at 10.40am.

Giving evidence at 10.40am will be:

  • Professor Mark Welland, Chief Scientific Adviser, Ministry of Defence;
  • Paul Stein, Director General Science and Technology, Ministry of Defence;
  • Professor Robert Watson, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; and
  • Dr Miles Parker, Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of Science Directorate, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Giving evidence at 11.40am will be:

  • Professor Sally Davies DBE, Director General, Research and Development, and Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Health;
  • Professor Tom Walley, Director of Health Technology Assessment Programme, Department of Health;
  • Andrew Steer, Director General, Policy and Research, Department for International Development; and
  • Gail Marzetti, Deputy Head, DfID Research, Department for International Development.

The Committee's inquiry is investigating:

  • how decisions are made to fund research to meet societal needs;
  • the balance of funding for targeted versus unsolicited response-mode curiosity-driven research; and
  • how research is commissioned in Government departments and agencies.

Image: iStockphoto

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