Lords Committee investigating PFI hear from academic experts

10 November 2009

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, who are currently conducting an inquiry into Private Finance Projects and off-balance sheet debt, will hear oral evidence at 3.05pm from Professor Allyson Pollock of the University of Edinburgh and Dr Chris Edwards of the University of East Anglia as well as Sir Peter Dixon, Chairman of UCL Hospital

Professor Pollock and Dr Edwards, who are academic experts on Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) in the health service, are likely to be asked for their views how the scheme has operated in the NHS, whether it has provided value for money and what alternative systems of funding public infrastructure procurement might be available.

Sir Peter Dixon is likely to be asked about his experience of the PFI project used to build the new University College London Hospital and how the use of private finance in public infrastructure projects may be influenced by the credit crunch.

Image: iStockphoto

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