Lord Myners appears before Treasury Committee

04 November 2009

The Treasury Committee hears its second day of evidence from expert witnesses - including Lord Myners, Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury - on two of its current inquiries:

  • Scrutiny of financial regulation in the light of the banking crisis
  • Proposals for European prudential financial regulation

Watch live from 2.30pm.

Scrutiny of financial regulation


UK Financial Investments Ltd (UKFI) - a company wholly-owned by the Government which manages its investments in financial institutions.

  • Sir David Cooksey, Chairman, UKFI
  • John Kingman, Chief Executive, UKFI
  • Keith Morgan, Head of Wholly-Owned Investments, UKFI

European prudential financial regulation proposals


Lord Myners, Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury

The European financial regulation inquiry covers the following issues:

  • the interaction between EU, national and international regulatory and supervisory arrangements
  • the composition and internal structures of the European Supervisory Authorities and the European Systemic Risk Board
  • whether the powers proposed for these bodies are appropriate
  • the proposals' effect on the competitiveness of the European financial industry in general and the City of London in particular
  • the timescale for agreeing the legislation

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