Inquiry into preventing violent extremism begins

30 November 2009

The Communities and Local Government Committee holds the first evidence session of its inquiry into the Government's policy on preventing violent extremism. Watch from 4.20pm

The witnesses are:


  • Quilliam
  • Institute of Community Cohesion
  • New Local Government Network


  • Muslim Council of Britain
  • An Nisa Society
  • Islamic Human Rights Commission


  • Forward Thinking
  • Ulfah Arts
  • JUST

Prevent - as this policy is known - is led across Government by the Office of Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) which is part of the Home Office. Its aim is 'to stop radicalisation, reduce support for terrorism and violent extremism and discourage people from becoming terrorists'.

The Committee is examining the success of the programme to date, and its likely effectiveness in the future, with particular reference to:

  • is the Prevent programme the right way of addressing the problem of violent extremism, or are there better ways of doing it?
  • how robust is the Government's analysis of the factors which lead people to become involved in violent extremism?
  • is the Prevent programme appropriately targeted to address the most important of those factors?
  • how appropriate, and how effective, is the Government's strategy for engaging with communities?
  • has the Government been speaking to the right people? Has its programme reached those at whom it is — or should be — aimed?
  • is the necessary advice and expertise available to local authorities on how to implement and evaluate the programme?
  • are the objectives of the Prevent agenda being communicated effectively to those at whom it is aimed?
  • is the Government seeking, and obtaining, appropriate advice on how to achieve the goals of the Prevent programme?
  • how effectively has the Government evaluated the effectiveness of the programme and the value for money which is being obtained from it?
  • have reactions to the programme been adequately gauged?
  • is there adequate differentiation between what should be achieved through the Prevent programme and the priorities that concern related, but distinct, policy frameworks such as cohesion and integration?

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