Evidence sessions for homeopathy inquiry announced

19 November 2009

The Commons Science and Technology Committee has announced its first evidence sessions for its inquiry into how the Government uses evidence to formulate its policy on homeopathy.

The two sessions are as follows:

Wednesday 25 November 2009

9.30 am

  • Professor Jayne Lawrence, Chief Scientific Adviser, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
  • Robert Wilson, Chairman, British Association of Homeopathic Manufacturers
  • Paul Bennett, Professional Standards Director, Boots
  • Tracey Brown, Managing Director, Sense About Science
  • Dr Ben Goldacre, Journalist, The Guardian

10.30 am

  • Dr Peter Fisher, Director of Research, Royal London Homeopathic Hospital
  • Professor Edzard Ernst, Director, Complementary Medicine Group, Peninsula Medical School
  • Dr James Thallon, Medical Director, NHS West Kent
  • Dr Robert Mathie, Research Development Adviser, British Homeopathic Association

Monday 30 November 2009

4.15 pm

  • Mike O’Brien QC MP, Minister for Health Services, Department of Health
  • Professor David Harper, Director General, Health Improvement and Protection, and Chief Scientist, Department of Health
  • Professor Kent Woods, Chief Executive, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

The inquiry is particularly looking at:

  • government policy on licensing of homeopathic products
  • government policy on the funding of homeopathy through the NHS
  • the evidence base on homeopathic products and services

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