Debating the Queen’s Speech in the Lords

27 November 2009

Forty Members of the Lords contributed to the sixth, and final, day of debate on the Queen's Speech covering the topics of equality, social affairs, health and education on 26 November.

In both Houses, different subject areas are debated on each day of the debate following the State Opening and the Queen's Speech. The Lords debate normally lasts six days (including the day of the ceremony).

Once the Queen leaves Parliament after delivering the speech outlining the Government's agenda for the coming year, it's back to business as usual as each House meets separately to begin debating the Government's programme of legislation and policies.

In the House of Lords, the subjects for the debates after the 2009 Queen's Speech are as follows.

  • 19 November: Foreign and European Affairs, International Development and Defence
  • 23 November: Home, Legal and Constitutional Affairs
  • 24 November: Environment, Energy, Agriculture, Local Government and Transport
  • 25 November: Business and Economic Affairs, Consumer Affairs, Culture
  • 26 November: Equality, Social Affairs, Health, Education

Members of the Lords with wide-ranging experience and expertise in the subjects, examine the Government's proposed policies and legislation outlined in the Queen's Speech and give their responses.

Parliamentary programme

The programme of work to turn what is outlined in the Queen's Speech into legislation begins as Bills are introduced in both Houses.

The House of Lords continues to play a key role in examining and passing legislation and keeping a check on Government by scrutinising its activities.

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