Water charges in the South West debated

13 October 2009

Teignbridge MP, Richard Younger-Ross, introduces Commons adjournment debate on the issue of higher water charges for people living in the South West of England.

An adjournment debate is simply a way in the Commons of having a general debate without requiring the House to vote.

There is a half-hour adjournment debate at the end of each day’s sitting. Members apply for an adjournment debate to the Speakers Office. Subject matters of adjournment debates are varied; examples include debates on defence issues, pensions and combating benefit fraud. The Speaker chooses Thursday’s subject; for other days, MPs are selected by ballot.

The MP who tabled the relevant adjournment debate is called to speak and a Minister will reply. The MP has no right of response, but can intervene in the Minister’s speech if he or she is willing to allow it (called ‘giving way’).

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