Latest MPs’ written answers published

06 October 2009

Nearly 50 replies to MPs' questions from nine government departments and other bodies were published as Written Answers on 5 October.

Business, Innovation and Skills

  • the cost to UK business and the public sector of the millennium date change

All Business, Innovation and Skills answers

Cabinet Office


  • number of people over 50 receiving Jobseekers' Allowance in each region
  • voluntary work vetting: Office of the Third Sector’s guidance on Criminal Records Bureau checks

All Cabinet Office answers

Children, Schools and Families


  • GCSE and A level grades in a variety of subjects in both the mainstream and independent sector
  • number of, and reasons for, school closures since 1999
  • GCSE and A level science results; number of pupils from specialist schools entered for science subjects at both levels
  • number of teachers who left the profession between 1997 and 2007; the number of qualified teachers who are not actually in service

All Children, Schools and Families answers

Communities and Local Government

  • number of sales and donation of green goddess fire engines over the past five years

All Communities and Local Government answers



  • number of incidents between British forces and insurgents in Afghanistan each month since June 2006
  • number of medical services staff - including those dealing with mental health - from all three services, based in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and other countries, over the past five years
  • background to, and progress on, the independent review by Bernard Gray on military equipment procurement, commissioned in 2008

All Defence answers

Home Office

  • number of family intervention projects in England

All Home Office answers

International Development

  • nature of the discussions on the preparation for the G20 summit in the United States

All International Development answers

Government Equality Office


  • resignations from the Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • likely effects on travelling people of the new Equality Bill

All Government Equality Office answers

Work and Pensions

  • likelihood of any plans to review the War Pensions Scheme?

All Work and Pension answers

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